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23 June 2017
Viral disease in tilapia threatens food security
This article was originally published on SciDevNet and is republished with permission. -- [BANGKOK] An emerging viral disease observed in both wild and farmed tilapia could impact global food security and nutrition if biosafety... Read More
22 June 2017
Green economy is ‘the economy of the future,’ says UN...
This article was originally published on UN News Centre and is republished with permission. -- 2 June 2017 – Underscoring the threats posed by climate change – those already apparent, as... Read More
21 June 2017
South Africa has failed its young people. What can be done about it
This article was originally published on The Conversation and is republished with permission. -- It is more than 40 years since young people, first in Soweto, and then around the country, rose... Read More
16 June 2017
Garbage recycling in Egypt: Trading health for livelihood
This article was originally published on SciDevNet and is republished with permission. -- There’s a standard recycling practice in many countries: households sort their garbage in different categories before discarding... Read More


27 March 2017
Sun Indicates Bright Outlook for Fire Free Alliance
“Here are companies going beyond business-as-usual, beyond CSR, beyond the baseline; these companies are prepared to step up.”
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17 March 2017
Agus Purnomo: Consumers need to pay more for sustainable palm oil
The palm oil business is among the most contentious of all agricultural commodities.
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15 March 2017
Lack of financial access hinders agriculture development
The government of Indonesia emphasizes the importance of sustainable financing and private investment in achieving food security in the country and in Asia during the second day of the 4th Responsible Business Forum at Jakarta.
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15 March 2017
Without the cocoa farmers, there is no chocolate at all
For more than a decade, Muslimin has grown cocoa on one hectare of land in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was, he says, a very good farm, but over the years has been beset by problems. Overuse of chemical fertilisers has damaged the soil, production is declining, and climate change has meant that once regular seasons are now unpredictable.
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