Over 20,000 members compose our growing network, including government officials, businesses, young leaders, NGOs, media representatives and investors. As our community continues to develop and strengthen, our mandate remains the same - to drive effective and impactful partnerships in order to create positive value in a changing world.



Subscribe to the Global Initiatives Youtube Channel in order to watch our exclusive videos which we have created for our partners. This includes official footage from the Responsible Business Forum, with all of our presentations, speeches and panels available on the channel. Add to the discussions by commenting on the videos and engage with our growing Youtube community.

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Join the Responsibe Business LinkedIn group, where we will extend our discussions and facilitate networking after the summit. The group intends to consolidate new partnerships, allow content sharing and connect stakeholders in order to take things forward.


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LinkedIn Young Leaders Group

The Young Leaders Dialogue (YLD) is a LinkedIn platform for young leaders aged 17-30 to share their ideas on how to change the world. Each year, two young leaders from the dialogue are selected to present their ideas to delegates of the Responsible Business Forum, comprising current international business leaders, policy makers and NGOs.

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Follow the official RBF Twitter account to receive the latest industry news and leading perspectives on sustainability and responsible business. Keep track of our efforts through updates before and after the annual RBForum in Singapore and become an agent of change by engaging with our partners.

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