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Showcasing Singapore’s rich history and blossoming art scene

Admin | Jul 28, 2017


Dedicated to enlivening the arts and cultural scene in Singapore, the Fullerton Arts Programme plays an active role to promote locally established and international artists, providing them with the visibility for their works and talents through donations to art causes and the organisation of art programmes. In 2015, The Fullerton Heritage was awarded the Patron of the Arts Award 2015 by National Arts Council in recognition of its long-term contribution.

In August 2016, The Fullerton Heritage commemorated Singapore’s 51st birthday with the launch of Sudah Makan? (Have You Eaten?) Art Exhibition, presenting Singapore’s cultural diversity through an exploration of the emotions and ties that are formed with local eating habits and traditions. Translated from Malay to English, the question ‘Have you eaten?’ is commonly used as everyday greetings by both the young and old in Singapore. The exhibition featured 8 Singapore-based artists, showcasing their favourite food, their memories attached to it and the significance of the experience. A silent charity auction also launched as part of the exhibition with all proceeds from the sales of the hand-painted Food Bank boxes donated to The Food Bank Singapore.

Showcasing Singapore’s Rich History And Blossoming Art Scene – Fullerton Love Story Tour Photo

In October 2016, The Fullerton Heritage partnered Art Porters Gallery to present Meows in Museum, the first Asia solo exhibition by Saint Petersburg artist Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The exhibition showcased 20 limited editions of mixed media creations especially commissioned from Svetlana Petrova. Petrova’s unique practice, synthesising digital art with classical painting and her deep sense of humour, is exemplified through art pieces such as her rendition of Mona Lisa with her cat in the scene with Mount Fuji as background. Partial proceeds from the sales of artworks were donated to Singapore Cats Welfare Society.

Featuring wildlife photography, The Fullerton Heritage presented The Wild Arctic exhibition by acclaimed photographer Karim Sahai from December 2016 to January 2017 at The East Garden Foyer. Known for his dramatic images of endangered polar bears and beautiful frozen landscapes, Sahai is also a digital visual effects supervisor whose credits include The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit trilogies, Avatar, The Avengers and more than forty other feature films. Sahai’s unique brand of images combines photography and advanced digital methods used in the motion picture industry to craft compelling images that capture the untouched, fragile beauty of the High Arctic. In the Nature Photography Seminar, Sahai also shared his inspiration and works through his personal interaction with photographers. 

Fullerton Heritage

In Singapore, The Fullerton Heritage is committed to showcasing Singapore’s unique history and rich heritage through the preservation and restoration of historic buildings as well as various conservation and outreach programmes.

On 7th December, 2015, The Fullerton Building, which houses The Fullerton Hotel, was gazetted as Singapore’s 71st National Monument at a ceremony officiated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in the presence of Emeritus Minister Goh Chok Tong and Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu. As Singapore celebrated Golden Jubilee, the conferment signifies the highest form of preservation and national recognition, serving as a timely reflection on the trail history had left on Singapore’s landscape.

To showcase the building’s legacy, The Fullerton Heritage unveiled a newly transformed Fullerton Heritage Gallery at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore in October 2016. Designed for both the young and old to immerse themselves in Singapore’s rich history, the new Gallery presented a comprehensive museum experience, featuring jigsaw puzzles, postcard embossing stations, rare postal archival materials dating back to the 1960s, as well as videos of pioneer personalities who have lived, worked and played in the precinct. One of the key highlights included an imitation of work environment in the old days at the first floor of Fullerton Building.

In celebration of the first anniversary of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s gazette as Singapore’s 71st National Monument, The Fullerton Heritage organised a community engagement programme in December 2016. Children aged 7 to 12 years from Students Care Services, a beneficiary supporting disadvantaged children and school dropouts, were invited to join the celebrations with a fun day to learn about Singapore’s heritage and uniqueness together with Fullerton employees and their families. A heritage learning session was conducted followed by a sumptuous lunch at Town Restaurant. In addition to introducing The Fullerton’s finest hospitality to the children, the programme enlivened The Fullerton Heritage’s vision to foster the understanding of Singapore’s history to the next generation, appreciating the heritage and contributing to the future.

Besides curating content and publishing materials that aided in the preservation of Singapore’s historical narrative, The Fullerton Heritage has organised immersive and engaging programmes for outreach purposes. As part of Singapore HeritageFest 2017 in April and May 2017, The Fullerton Heritage presented the second run of ‘A Fullerton Love Story Tour’. Participants were brought on a special tour as characters from the past came alive to portray a love story between a humble postman and a stalwart civil servant, played by professional theatre actors. Tour participants were encouraged to be part of the story in the making with riddles to solve. The journey concluded with a selection of desserts at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

In the same period, The Fullerton Heritage presented a brand-new set of Singapore-inspired works entitled Where the River Always Flows II by critically-acclaimed TENG Ensemble. The title of Where the River Always Flows II drew reference from the Singapore River which is rich in history; a lifeline to Singapore in formative years. The TENG Ensemble’s performance on the grounds of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, at the mouth of the Singapore River, aimed to bring listeners a taste of Singapore’s heritage music that has shaped not just a Singaporean culture, but an identity. Both the young and old hummed along to familiar Singaporean tunes as they embarked on a nostalgic revisit of the Singapore River that is abuzz with life and activities.

The Fullerton Hotel is delighted to partner with the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) on the upcoming edition of the Award ceremony taking place on July 31st.

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