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Fullerton Heritage cares about keeping Singapore inclusive

Admin | Jul 25, 2017


In Singapore, The Fullerton Heritage adopted an active stance in contributing to a caring and inclusive society.

In 2016, The Fullerton Heritage was recognised for its contribution and was nominated as a founding member of Company of Good by National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

In November 2016, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore kicked off its festive celebrations with a captivating Christmas Light-up Ceremony and a Charity Buffet Dinner at Town Restaurant. In support of a meaningful cause, the hotel pledged to donate partial proceeds from every adult diner at the dinner buffet to fund Food from the Heart (FFTH), a non-profit-making organisation in Singapore benefitting the underprivileged through a food distribution programme. Additionally, the hotel also donated partial proceeds from the sales of each Fullerton Santa Bear to FFTH to support people in need. The total amount of donations raised was S$4,400.

Fullerton Heritage Cares About Keeping Singapore Inclusive  Christmas charity Chefs 

In February 2017, The Fullerton Heritage shared the joy of Lunar New Year with 20 underprivileged children from Fei Yue Student Care Centre. The beneficiaries enjoyed a half-day immersive programme, including an engaging storytelling session followed by a paper-cutting craft workshop that involved cutting red packets into symmetrical Chinese characters. The children learned the skills to create their personalised postcards and mailed their New Year greetings to their families and friends at the red postal pillar-box in The Fullerton Heritage Gallery. The programme concluded with a feast at Town Restaurant, where the children tasted a variety of local delights from the Singapore High Tea Buffet.

In November 2017, The Fullerton Heritage partnered Tan Chin Tuan Foundation and European Season Organisation to host a group of 20 teenagers from Care Corner and Lakeside Family Service Centre to an afternoon of culinary experimentation and training at The Fullerton Hotel. Entitled the Fullerton Junior Chefs Programme, the session provided a hands-on learning experience for underprivileged children to acquire the knowledge and skills in food hygiene practices and inspire them to unleash their talents in creation of heritage cuisines. Senior Sous Chef Lawrence Liew demonstrated the art of making local delights and the craft of plating. The programme concluded with an eye-opening tour of various kitchens within The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2017, The Fullerton Heritage hosted a month-long campaign featuring a new International Women’s Day Afternoon Tea, a limited edition of Fullerton Angelic Plush Bear and a group art exhibition entitled Les Ailes d’une Femme (Wings of a Woman). For the third consecutive years, The Fullerton Heritage pledged to donate partial proceeds from the sales of the Afternoon Tea and the Fullerton Angelic Plush Bear to the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO) Service Fund supporting women in need. The total amount of money raised was S$8,900.

The Fullerton Hotel is delighted to partner with the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) on the upcoming edition of the Award ceremony taking place on July 31st.

Join us and see how sustainable business benefits companies, the environment and all stakeholders, today and for the future.


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