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The Fullerton Hotel sets eco-friendly standards in Asia

Admin | Jul 20, 2017


In Singapore, The Fullerton Heritage recognises the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection.

The team practices green property management and implements energy and water saving initiatives. In addition to recycling projects, The Fullerton Heritage also works closely with tenants and green partners to reduce waste and step up the management of recycled waste in all our properties. Continuous effort was made to recycle and reduce the use of cans, plastics, glass, office used paper and waste oil.

Through the use of water and energy efficient machinery and systems, The Fullerton Hotels was able to reduce water consumption in the new reporting year from 424000CuM to 265000 CuM and energy consumption from 40,861,000 kWh to 14,742,000 kWh.

The Clean the World Soap Recycling Programme also saw both The Fullerton Hotel and The Fullerton Bay Hotel contributing to 566kg in the recycling of soap bars and 873kg of amenity bottles during the reporting period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. Through Clean the World Programme, The Fullerton Heritage aims to reduce waste in landfills and also helps in the reduction of illnesses among communities which are lacking in proper sanitation.

In 2016, The Fullerton Heritage launched Merlion Plushie on the Earth Day as a new in-room green amenity at The Fullerton Hotel and The Fullerton Bay Hotel, in compliance with Forbes 5 Stars standards for Green Programme. Hotel guests could exercise the option of reusing their bed linen simply by placing the Fullerton Merlion on the bed. Through this effort, The Fullerton Heritage hopes to reduce its impact on the environment through water conservation. The Fullerton Merlion was inspired by the national icon of Singapore. Each Fullerton Merlion was lovingly created by disadvantaged women from Mother and Child Project, providing them with a source of income.

 The Fullerton Hotel Sets Eco-Friendly Standards In Asia – Image of chefs 

In September 2016, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore also embarked on a new partnership with Project Chulia, a beneficiary that bring together entities and individuals for specific projects that enhance health and happiness for migrant workers in Singapore and increasing their social / economic mobility at partnering workers accommodations. Through the new partnership, the Fullerton chefs collect protein from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Town Restaurant’s buffet line at the end of each meal time (lunch and dinner) to donate to the migrant workers through Project Chulia. Through a systematic process, the quality and hygiene of the food are ensured and the migrant workers are able to supplement their diet with the supply of protein from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s kitchen.

The Fullerton Hotel is delighted to partner with the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) on the upcoming edition of the Award ceremony taking place on July 31st.

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