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Sustainability: L’Oréal Accelerates Its Transformation in 2017

L Oréal | May 18, 2018


L’Oréal recently published the 2017 Progress Report on its global sustainability program, Sharing Beauty With All. The report shows significant progress, as much on sustainable innovation as on the company’s commitment to fighting climate change. It includes commitments to sustainable growth at every stage of the value chain, coupled with ambitious goals for 2020.

Some of the report highlights include:

– Reduced the CO2 emissions of its industrial sites by 73% compared to 2005
– 76% of products launched in 2017 had an improved environmental or social profile
– The number of people from underprivileged communities who gained access to employment through one of L’Oréal’s programmes is 53,505

You can download the full report here.


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