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Video Contest: Circular Goals for My City

Admin | Sep 27, 2019


Businesses, consumers and society at large have realised that in order achieve the future we want, we need to rethink how our economies are structured. The transition of the linear economy into the circular economy is essential to create a sustainable future. The circular economy is a new way to design, make and use resources within the limits of our planet. Such a systemic shift requires everyone – businesses, governments, society, and importantly, future leaders – to be on board.

In order to redesign and rebuild our economic system in a way that can be sustained long into the future, youth – circular economy leaders of the future – need to be part of the conversation.

The Competition

The inaugural Circular Goals for My City Video Contest aims to empower the next generation of leaders to rethink the structure of their cities. Global Initiatives, in consultation with Metabolic, invites youths to study their city’s ecosystem holistically and propose 3 ideas on how their city can transition towards a circular economy. The top submissions will be presented at the upcoming Responsible Business Forum and distributed through a global network, potentially turning ideas into catalysts that close the loop.

The Prize

The top 3 videos will be featured at the upcoming Responsible Business Forum (RBF) on Sustainable Development in Singapore, in front of an audience of over 300 business and sustainability leaders from around the world. Top 10 entries will be shared on the official Responsible Business social media channels while winning written entries will be shared in the RBF Outcome Report – reaching an estimated audience of over 100,000 individuals.

Submissions Steps

  1. Create an original 1-minute video message outlining three key circular goals for your city.
  2. Upload the video on YouTube and include the video link in the submission form. (hyperlink form).
  3. Explain in 300 – 500 words, the methodology and process of coming up with 3 circular economy goals.
  4. Submit your entries here by November 12, 23:59 GMT +8.

Judging Criteria

The Judging Panel will comprise of Global Initiatives and Metabolic. The exact composition of the Judging Panel will be determined by Global Initiatives. Entries will be judged with the following criteria for content:

  1. Level of understanding of the city’s current situation
  2. Ability to identify relevant leverage points
  3. The level of involvement of city stakeholders
  4. Feasibility and measurability of the goals
  5. The opportunities created by the goal

The entries will be judged with the following criteria for delivery and presentation:

  1. Creativity
  2. Clarity and conciseness
  3. Persuasiveness

The organisers and judges reserve the right to remove any entries from the competition that they feel may breach any of the competition rules, the Terms and Conditions or may bring the competition into disrepute. Such entries will be disqualified.

For full guidelines on the contest, please see here.


Maureen Tan

Global Initiatives

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Global Initiatives


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