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“A time of extraordinary opportunity and transformation”: Achim Steiner at RBF Singapore 2018

UNDP | Oct 12, 2018


Administrator Achim Steiner keynote speech at the Responsible Business Forum was a call to action, especially to the private sector. Citing the IPCC report released earlier this week, he urged the gathering of nearly 700 participants from business, government officials, NGOs and the UN family to work to make a difference. Indicating that science shows we are on a perilous path Steiner said: “the imperative to change especially for business is ever more clear with global warming a serious and imminent threat.

“Don’t be spectators you are the central players in seizing the opportunity to shape our future world, and make markets the solution not the problem,” he said. Important issues such as plastics in the ocean, the increase in loss of biodiversity, improvement of supply chains and feeding the world’s growing population by 2030, are very real problems that we are facing. Emphasizing that climate change, has moved “from science fiction to being reality,” he said ,it was encouraging to see how the energy revolution is fast gaining pace with an explosion of renewable sources of energy that are fundamentally changing the environmental sector.

He encouraged business leaders “to be bold and take it personally” and to use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to come together to address issues. He cited UNDP as a committed partner working together with a range of partners to help shape the future. With the world’s population estimated to be 10 billion by 2050, Steiner message was simple and clear: “we will only thrive if we collaborate and cooperate.”

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