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Google announces circular economy strategy

Responsible Business | Jul 10, 2019


Technology giant Google has unveiled a new sustainability initiative that it says could eventually expand to help solve larger challenges of global resource use. The company’s new ‘circular Google’ strategy includes a new drive to design technology products with recyclability and waste management built in, as well as efforts to reduce waste at datacentres and offices.

However, the company said that it believes it can offer more to assist a broader shift towards a global circular economy.

“As we built out this strategy, an intriguing insight emerged. An element of reaching a fully circular economy requires identifying, tracking and managing the overwhelming and globe-spanning swirl of materials. Thankfully, technological developments in the 21st century suggest a way to do so: to view all this stuff as information,” Kate Brandt, the company’s chief sustainability officer wrote in a blog announcing the strategy. “Considering the circular economy as an information challenge is inspiring for us at Google. It suggests that we can leverage our scale, resources and technological expertise to help the world meet resource needs.”

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