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Asian sustainable finance initiative launches

Responsible Business | Feb 14, 2019


Financial services companies, academics, scientists and civil society organisations have launched a platform to share information on sustainable finance. The Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative is coordinated by WWF and will advocate for the financial services industry to find ways to tackle ongoing challenges of climate change, ecosystem loss, labour and human rights and water stress. 

The Business and Sustainable Development Commission has estimated that shifting economies onto a more sustainable path could create US$5 trillion in investment opportunities for the private sector.

“Today’s pressing environmental and social challenges threaten the political and economic stability of Asian economies and put the resilience of the regional finance sector at risk,”said Jeanne Stampe, the head of WWF’s Asia Sustainable Finance team and founder of ASFI. “By working on a multi-stakeholder basis alongside other science-based knowledge partners, we can facilitate an orderly transition to economies that deliver wellbeing to all people whilst protecting the natural capital on which all businesses and societies depend.”

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