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Fund launched to support ‘disaster tech’

Responsible Business | Mar 07, 2019


The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network and the Prudence Foundation have launched a US$150,000 fund to support technological innovations that could improve the resilience and recovery of communities affected by natural disasters.

More than 500,000 people have died due to natural disasters in Asia-Pacific over the past 15 years, and economic damages total US$900 billion, according to the UN.

The AVPN and Prudence Foundation initiative will offer grants to organisations with technology solutions that could be scaled up to reduce the risk to communities and economies of natural disasters, and aid in the response to major events.

“Natural disasters are terrible incidents, but we see huge opportunities in harnessing technology to protect and save lives,” Donald Kanak, chairman of the Prudence Foundation, said, We believe the Disaster Tech Innovation Programme will bring together innovators and like-minded funders and resource providers, to help make our communities safer, more secure and more resilient.”

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