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10 Images that highlight SDG10: Reduce Inequality within and among countries

Responsible Business | Oct 11, 2016


While income inequality between countries may have been reduced, inequality within countries has risen. There is a growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive and if it does not involve the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental.

Below you will find 10 images that show how we must focus our attention to the needs of the disadvantaged and marginalized people around the world.

1. The rich and the poor

By @minotauro9

A photo taken in Rome, Italy brilliantly captures the contrasting world’s some people are living in. Two homeless women look on as a well-dressed young woman passes them by.

The world’s 1 percent, almost entirely billionaires, own $42.7 trillion dollars, more than the bottom 3 billion residents of earth. (Source: inequality.org)

2. Living in a prison

By @SaeedTajiFarouky

A Palestinian worker stares intently at the camera as he lines up to be allowed through the largest check point in Bethlehem, which crosses Israel’s separation wall.

3. Spot the difference

By @GregGirard

A though provoking capture of the many dilapidated and run down buildings, which sit before the high rises in Shanghai. China is a country in which inequality is increasing every year.

4. Clinging on to hope

By @ridstar

A young boy who cannot afford to attend the local school peers through the fence. It separates a group of houses and the local school in Kyamandi, South Africa

More than 75 per cent of the population in developing countries is living in societies where income is more unequally distributed than it was in the 1990s – (Source: Un.org)

5. Wall Street preacher

By @ChristopherAnderson

A biblical styled image of a street preacher as he stands outside of the home of the leading financial centre in the world – Wall Street pleading with the people inside to repent.

Globally the 1 percent has 35.6 percent of all private wealth, more than the bottom 95 percent combined. (Source: Inequality.org)

6. Flying without wings

By @UNHCR/MarkHenley

One and a half year old Syrian refugee Bayan laughs uncontrollable as her father lifts her up in the air.

Like thousands of other refugees and migrants, Bayan and her family are being held in a field in Rigonce, Slovenia after crossing the border from Croatia.

Some five million refugees were newly displaced in the first half of 2015 – largely due to continued conflict in Syria. (Source: IOM.int)

7. United we lay

By @MartinBeretti/Getty Images

In Argentina a group of women lie united on the ground in protest against gender violence following a number of high-profile cases of femicide last year.

Gender-based violence is a pervasive problem in Argentina and, more widely, Latin America. Women’s rights NGO La Casa del Encuentro reports 1,808 instances of femicide in the last 7 years, which equates one death every 34 hours.

8. Slumdog millionaire

By @RyanLobo

In the background you can catch a glimpse of one of India’s most successful IT companies, Infosys, as it overlooks a slum where a young family must live.

India has very unequal patterns of development, and though the economy has benefited, most of India’s 1.28 billion people remain deeply disadvantaged.

9. Ataqullah

By @GilesDuley

Ataqullah was 7 years old when he stepped on a landmine whilst walking to school. He lost an arm and a leg, but never his consciousness. It took nearly ten hours before they got him to the emergency hospital in Kabul, where his life was saved.

A UN report on Children and Armed Conflict 2015 in Afghanistan verified 2,829 child casualties – 733 killed and 2,096 injured.

10. The Peacekeepers

A group of priests form a line between protesters and police in Kiev, Ukraine. The violent demonstrations erupted as protesters ordered the resignation of the Ukrainian president.

The poorest half of the Earth’s population owns 1% of the Earth’s wealth. While the richest 1% own 46% of the Earth’s wealth. (Source: alternet.org)


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