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SDG2: Zero Hunger Case Study – FrieslandCampina ‘Nourishing by Nature’ initiatives

RBF | Oct 21, 2016


SDG 2: Zero Hunger, tackles the issues of ending world hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. In order to sustain our population and ensure economic growth, we as a planet need to move towards diets that contribute to food and nutrition security, enable farming communities, have low environmental impact, and are safe and affordable for consumers.

FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s leading and largest dairy cooperatives, founded in the Netherlands more than 140 years ago. The Company is wholly-owned by more than 19,000 ambitious member farmers who provide millions of families around the world with important and valuable dairy-based nutrition each and every day.

At the heart of everything that FrieslandCampina does is one central theme: NOURISHING BY NATURE. This article describes FrieslandCampina’s vision to provide better nutrition for the world, a good living for farmers now and for generations to come. Included here are two of FrieslandCampina’s CSR programmes which embody this vision: Dairy Development Programme and Drink.Move.BeStrong campaigns.

“Our purpose of Nourishing by Nature characterises the work we do around the world. By enabling our farmers and consumers to lead healthy and meaningful lives, we enhance their livelihoods, and help to ensure food and nutrition security now, and for generations to come.”
Piet Hilarides Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Products Asia FrieslandCampina



Milk and dairy products hold huge potential in helping to achieve food security and improving nutrition. Dairy can improve nutrition for hundreds of millions of people across the world when incorporated as part of more balanced and sustainable diets.

Developments in agricultural practices can have a significant effect on the livelihoods of farmers across the world, driving growth in local economies and the sector.

The sustainable production of dairy is essential to securing long-term growth and the development of families and communities.


Dairy Development Programme

Feeding a growing population: By 2050, the world’s population is expected to rise from 7 to between 9 and 10 billion people. By 2030 alone, the world will need 50% more food.

Source: The World Bank

Ageing farmer populations point to a future production challenge. Although 150 million households depend on dairy farming, the average age of a farmer worldwide is 57 years old. (Source: OECD)

The aim of FrieslandCampina’s Dairy Development Programme (DDP) is to enable local dairy farmers in Asia to run their businesses optimally and raise the quality and quantity of their dairy production. The company does this through knowledge sharing, training courses, exchange programmes and the establishment of local milk distribution systems in collaboration with a number of partners.

DDP also aims to make dairy farming more attractive to the next generation of farmers by offering prospects for the future, thereby making the sector more sustainable.

The DDP has supported over 100,000 farmers directly and indirectly globally, including 45,000 dairy farmers in Asia:

FARMER2FARMER: In 2015, FrieslandCampina Dutch dairy farmers trained and advised ALMOST 300 DAIRY FARMERS in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand on aspects of dairy farming, including milking hygiene, and machine maintenance.

DAIRY DEVELOPMENT VILLAGES AND ZONES: FrieslandCampina works with local governments to provide education, training and investment to local dairy farmers in specific villages or zones. In Indonesia, they have signed an agreement with the government to support the Dairy Village Programme in the region. The aim is to help increase the national production of fresh milk by 50 PERCENT BY 2025, making the country self-sufficient in fresh milk.


“Working together, we have learned to improve the quality of our milk. My income has increased and my children are proud to stay on the farm in the future.”

Supasit Soobkambang, Dairy Farmer


There is a need to simultaneously tackle obesity and malnutrition: Globally, 2 billion people experience micronutrient malnutrition while 1.9 billion adults are overweight or obese.
Source: Global Nutrition Report 2015

FrieslandCampina believes in the holistic development of children, not just through what they consume but also how they exercise and play. Nourishing by Nature looks to raise the nutritional status of families through education on the combined benefits of nutrition and exercise.

THROUGH DRINK.MOVE.BESTRONG,FrieslandCampina spreads the message of the need for a nutritional diet plus exercise to 71 MILLION PEOPLE across Southeast Asia.

The partnership between FrieslandCampina and the Junior National Basketball Association (Jr. NBA) has successfully reached out to more than 53,000 CHILDREN and coaches and 2,800 SCHOOLS in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the Philippines since its launch.

Encouraging today’s youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle and understand the benefits of sports is a priority item for Indonesia. We welcome FrieslandCampina’s commitment to working with children here and throughout the region to eat well and get moving. We are very pleased to be working together.”
Gatot S. Dewa Broto, Deputy IV Sports Achievements,Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Indonesia.

What the world eats today needs to be more sustainable and accessible if we are to meet global food demands and tackle SDG2: Zero Hunger. FrieslandCampina has set a global example of how the dairy industry can play an integral role in safeguarding food and nutrition security in the Southeast Asia region through these initiatives.


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