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World Food Day: Top 5 movies on Dairy

Responsible Business | Feb 05, 2017


Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it. – Banksy

A Movie is a strong medium of spreading a message to millions of people around the world. Each movie presents a different message, equally important than the first. Here we have a list of movies that talks about a commodity that is important in terms of nutrients and health benefits, dairy. Dairy production is carried out in almost every country and a number of people not only depend on the dairy farms for the livelihoods but also live on the dairy farms. Dairy Farming therefore affects the economies of many developing countries and establishing a sustainable dairy farming practice is a step towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals of achieving sustainable agriculture, working towards alleviating poverty and hunger as well as sustainable and responsible production and consumption.

1. Forgotten Farms

This is a documentary about the dairy farms in New England, and how there are very few dairy farms left in the entire region responsible for the production of the milk consumed all over New England. The onset of the food movement has overshadowed the basic foundation of the agricultural economy in the region. Along with Climate Change there will be a need to consume food that is grown closer to where people live and this documentary examines the ways the dairy farmers have been sustaining the local farm economy all along. This is achieved through conversations with the dairy farmers and the policy experts and aims to highlight the vital role of these important but forgotten dairy farmers.


2. Milk Men: The Life and Times of Dairy Farmers

With the big global Dairy corporations taking over the Dairy industry and monopolizing the dairy farming economy, they have pushed out most of the small and medium sized dairy farms out of business, with only a few surviving farmers left. This documentary follows the lives of the few surviving dairy farmers from the Pacific Northwest who are forced to do whatever they can to survive in the changing seasons. These farmers are confronted with pressures to intensify and increase their production in order to compete with the big corporations. They soon realize that increasing their production also brings about big problems, which they have to deal with in order to maintain their way of life.

3. Betting the Farm

Betting the Farm tells the story of a group of dairy farmers from Maine whose farms were dropped from the National Milk Company. They are suddenly confronted with the possibility of losing their dairy farms. Determined not give up, the dairy farmers join together to start their own milk company. In the beginning, the farmers along with their families struggle to make ends meet as they get their milk company off the ground. The result means they are betting with their dairy farms without knowing whether the outcome will be positive or negative.


4. The Price of Milk

This is a story of a loving couple, Lucinda and Rob, who live on a farm in New Zealand along with their 117 cows. The couple used to live happily on the farm but times have changed. They realize that the spark in their relationship has dwindled. Lucinda tries to gain it back by creating minor conflicts between the two. However, Lucinda tends to take things too far and one day while admiring a ring on the way to town, Lucinda has a run-in with an older woman which sets off a chain of events. It starts with Lucinda’s quilt being stolen and ends with her being reckless and trading Rob’s cows worth NZ$400,000, for it


5. Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm

This movie revolves around two siblings from the city who visit their Uncle Jim’s dairy farm for the summer. They learn about the various aspects of dairy farming while exploring the many modern facilities at the dairy farms. During this time, the children experience both hard work and living a healthy lifestyle, much different from their city lives. One of the siblings finally gains enough strength to climb a rope which he could never do before he came to the farm. At the end of summer, the children return to the city life taking back with them the lessons that they learnt at the farm together with an appreciation of the hard work that goes into running a dairy farm.



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