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6 amazing palm trees images from all around the world

Responsible Business | Dec 26, 2017


Palms are one of the best known and most widely planted tree families. They have held an important role for humans throughout much of history and provided great economic opportunities, including coconut products, oils, dates, palm syrup, ivory nuts, carnauba wax, rattan cane, raffia, and palm wood. Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, Elaeis guineensis. huge swaths of tropical forests and peatlands (carbon-rich swamps) are being cleared to make way for oil palm plantations, releasing carbon into the atmosphere to drive global warming while shrinking habitats for a multitude of endangered species.      

A few interesting facts about Palm Trees:

  • The Quindio wax palm is the tallest species, and can grow 160 to 200 feet (50 to 60 meters) high.
  • Depending on the species, some palms can live for more than a century.
  • Palm trees go back at least eighty million years ago to the Cretaceous Period during the times of the dinosaurs.
  • The record for the most palm trees planted in 10 years is 42 millionand was achieved by the United Arab Emirates between 1999 and 2009.

Below you will find 6 images of palm trees from all over the world:

Quintana Roo, Mexico

Carneiros Beach, Brazil

Venice, Los Angeles, USA

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Valencia, Spain

Thoondu, Maldives


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