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Achieving food and nutrition security in Asia: TOP 5 Movies related to Coffee

Responsible Business | Jan 18, 2017


Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it. – Banksy
A Movie is a strong medium of spreading a message to millions of people around the world. Each movie presents a different message, equally important than the first. Here we have a list of movies that talks about a stable commodity in our kitchen, Coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular beverage worldwide derived from its source, the coffee bean. It is important to understand that coffee farming affects the economies of many developing countries and also provides livelihoods for millions of people globally. Therefore, sustainable coffee farming is a step towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals of achieving sustainable agriculture as well as sustainable and responsible production and consumption.

1. A film about Coffee

This is a documentary about Specialty coffee. It presents the process behind the growing of coffee in the various coffee farms and follows the transition of the coffee bean to the cup of coffee that is loved worldwide. The film tells the stories of the people behind the perfect cup of coffee, from the farmers to the baristas in the coffee shops. The film also highlights the impacts of coffee on the environment as well as its socio-economic effects. The filmmaker visits many coffee shops around the world to experience the unique nature and taste of each cup of coffee.


2. The Coffee Man

A documentary film that follows Sasa Sestic and his journey from war-torn Bosnia to his adopted home in Australia and finally to the 2015 World Barista Championships. The film portrays Sasa’s dedication and hard work and the endless cups of coffee that finally takes him to the championships. This is the intense and personal story of one man’s journey to win at any cost and the lengths that he takes to attain the perfect cup of coffee.


3. Caffeinated

“Every cup of coffee has a story” the tagline perfectly describes the film as it tells a beautiful story of coffee from the farms to a cup, through the perspectives of different people who have dedicated their lives to be able to bring their love and passion for coffee to everyone else globally. The film provides a detailed insight into the complex and intriguing process that begins with a coffee bean and eventually ends in a cup of coffee.


4. A Coffee in Berlin

A black and white film that revolves around the life of a university dropout, Niko. The young man tries to make sense of his life after he drops out of Law School. This leads to Niko aimlessly wandering around the streets of the city he lives in, Berlin. Throughout the day Niko encounters many incidents related to coffee which highlights the prominence of coffee in our daily lives but in a subtle manner. The film starts with the mention of coffee and ends with a cup of coffee.


5. Café

Café tells the story of a barista, Claire who serves not only coffee but also advice to the many regular and loyal customers in the café. This is entwined with the story of a kind hearted musician who also works in the café and struggles to tell Claire that he has feelings for her. A twist in the story comes when one of the regulars at the café notices a young girl on his computer display who claims she is the programmer of the entire world. This results in the people connected with the café to encounter a lifetime of experiences within a short period of time



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