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Global leaders provide sector insights on climate action

Climate Action | Nov 14, 2017


This article was originally published by Climate Action and is republished with permission.

On Monday, the 11th edition of the Climate Action publication was launched, where the world’s leading sustainability thinkers and policymakers provide detailed insights on the pathway to a low-carbon economy.

The publication addresses the role of cities, regions and the private sector in combatting climate change and in achieving the 2 degrees scenario set in the landmark Paris Agreement.

It is divided into seven sections; climate talks from COP23 and beyond, policy, finance, innovation, energy, transport, and cities.

Global leaders in sustainability acted as contributing editors to share knowledge, expertise, and inspiration to keep the momentum of climate innovation going.

Michael Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change and Co-Chair of America’s Pledge wrote about the power of action taken by cities, regions, businesses, and citizens when it comes to climate action,  emphasising the decreasing role of central government in climate action, in the wake of US leaving the Paris Agreement.

Jan Szyszko, Polish Minister for the Environment writes about his anticipation for COP24, which will take place in Katowice, and he states that in 2018 “the treaty must become a living framework delivering its goals”.

The impact of the US withdrawal on the Paris Agreement is addressed by Sue Biniaz, Senior Fellow at the UN Foundation and former Deputy Legal Adviser at the US State Department where she states that “in the absence of a strong US engagement, special attention will need to be paid by others to maintaining the Paris Agreement’s essential balances”, stressing the leadership gap in the climate negotiations.

Climate Action has reached out to Ministers from all over the world for opinion articles on policy interventions, including Nicolas Hulot, the French Environment Minister, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing in Finland, Claire Perry, UK Minister for Climate Change and Industry, Catherine McKenna, and Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada.

Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy at the African Union Commission (AUC) discussed the under-developed potential of renewable energy in Africa, explaining how AUC is attempting to develop a robust continental energy market to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Richard Zechter, Adviser- Climate Finance, Climate Change at the World Bank analysed the issue of carbon pricing, as Remco Fischer from UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI) talked about the impetus of climate transparency in financial markets.

Climate Action also identified the 15 climate champions of 2017, who are leading the way towards innovative and scalable solutions to climate change, including governments, companies, cities, and individuals that have exhibited dedication and passion to inspire others.

Jerry Brown Governor of California, the Special Envoy for States and Regions for COP23 made it to the list, as in response to the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, he co-created ‘America’s Pledge’, and he announced that California will host a ‘Climate Action Summit’ in 2018.

Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Breakthrough Energy Ventures, an investor-led fund dedicated to investing in affordable and reliable zero-carbon technologies while playing a pivotal role in the establishment of the ‘We Are Still In’ coalition, along with Jerry Brown.

It has donated $64 million to fight coal in the US and $50 million to spark an anti-coal campaign in Europe.


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