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Inspiring a new generation of student to solve global challenges

DOW | Oct 24, 2017


This article was edited and originally published by DOW.

Thousands of young innovators and educators challenged to use chemistry and science to solve global challenges through We Are Innovators campaign

DowDuPont Materials Science and WE launched We Are Innovators, a new campaign designed to challenge educators and students to apply chemistry and science to solve global challenges. Approximately 400 high school students from H.H. Dow High School and Midland High School in Midland, Michigan, joined Andrew Liveris, executive chairman of DowDuPont, and chairman and CEO of Dow, and Craig Kielburger, co-founder of WE, at an event to kick-off the collaboration.

We Are Innovators will give educators and students in the United States and across the world the tools and hands-on experiences that enable them to explore global challenges and design potential sustainable solutions using science and chemistry. The future of innovation and the development of sustainable new ideas and technologies are not only essential for Dow in meeting customer needs, but in the growth of manufacturing and the global economy.

Elements of the campaign will include:

  • Five education modules focused on food, water, energy, housing, and recycling to be launched in January 2018, with a dynamic challenge inspiring youth to share their innovative ideas and take action on global issues, supported with content and mentorship.
  • Support for global service learning trips to locations such as the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador to assist efforts to enhance access to clean drinking water. These experiences are designed to be impactful while providing students with the unique opportunity to volunteer and gain lifelong leadership development skills.
  • An opportunity for students to win innovation grants for their schools, to help encourage engagement in new markets for WE and strategic locations for Dow, students and groups in communities in Michigan, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and other locations with the most innovative ideas from the We Are Innovators campaign will receive innovation grants to use toward science programming in their schools.

“The people of Dow, for more than 120 years have harnessed science and chemistry to solve global challenges and enhance the lives of everyone, everywhere,” said Liveris. “Our partnership with WE invites students – the scientists, chemists and manufacturers of tomorrow – to explore how science and chemistry unlock solutions to the world’s increasingly complex challenges.”

The reach of the We Are Innovators campaign will be built upon both Dow’s innovation engine and expertise combined with WE’s unique family of organizations that make doing good doable around the world by providing young people and families with the tools and resources to create change through everyday actions. Specifically, WE Charity empowers domestic and international change with resources that create sustainable impact. Through a movement of more than 3.4 million people supporting more than 2,500 local and global causes, WE has raised $79 million, volunteered 27.6 million hours and collected over 9.8 million pounds of food. Since 1995, WE has provided more than 1 million people with clean water and built 1,000 schools and schoolrooms overseas, giving more than 200,000 children access to education.

“As a leading science and technology company focused on solutions that are essential to human progress, we are truly honored to partner with Dow in harnessing the power of chemistry to inspire students to innovate for a more sustainable future,” said Craig Kielburger. “Through WE Are Innovators, young people will have the knowledge and tools to spark innovative ideas that bring positive change in the world and drive economic growth.”

We Are Innovators is designed to empower change with resources that create sustainable impact and solutions. Aligned to Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals, the modules will highlight important concepts such as the role of sustainable chemistry and advancing a circular economy. The campaign will engage educators, inspire students and leverage Dow STEM Ambassadors, employee volunteers, through community and world-changing service learning and actionable solutions, in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and a global economy.


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