Mike Power


Mike Power

Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, Technology & Operations , Regional Head, Consumer Banking Operations Co-Chair, DBS Sustainability Council
DBS Bank

Michael Power (Mike) is the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Technology & Operations, as well as the Regional Head of Consumer Banking Operations at DBS Bank. He also serves as the co-chair of the bank’s Sustainability Council. As a founding member of the Sustainability Council, Mike played an instrumental role in developing DBS’ strategic framework on Sustainability, including aligning the bank’s sustainability aspirations with specific UN Sustainable Development Goals. As co-chair of the Council, Mike oversees efforts at managing the bank’s environmental footprint through initiatives focused on clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainable operations. Mike pioneered the concept of using clean energy to power DBS’ operations, and played a pivotal role in advocating the benefits of joining the global renewable energy campaign – RE100. DBS became the first Asian bank as well as the first company in Singapore to join the campaign last week, and has made an interim pledge to power 100% of its operations in Singapore using renewable energy by 2030. DBS aims to achieve this through the installation of solar panels at its office building in Changi Business Park, Singapore as well as through the procurement of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from solar energy companies in Singapore. Under Mike’s leadership, DBS has also managed to achieve the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore’s Green Mark Award for all of its office buildings and 20 branches in Singapore, with another 20 branches scheduled to receive it by the end of the year. The Green Mark Award can be described as the tropics’ answer to the US-based LEED certification. Mike also steers the bank’s initiatives focused on sustainable operations, specifically pertaining to sustainable sourcing, recycling and paperless operations. Prior to joining DBS, Mike was the Group Head of Consumer Banking Operations at Standard Chartered Bank based in Singapore. He has also held various operational management and engineering roles with GE Consumer Finance and GE Energy.   Mike holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University as well as a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dublin, Trinity College.

  • RBF Singapore 2017: Goal 7: Affordable clean energy


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