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Meaningful progress – Gunung Sewu

Global Initiatives | Oct 31, 2018


Gunung Sewu is an Indonesia-based group that operates diversified businesses in insurance, food, real estate, consumer and resources. The work that each business focuses on reflects their own unique spirit, creativity, entrepreneurship and heritage in the areas in which they operate. A dynamic, innovative work environment that creates excitement, drives engagement and builds loyalty has helped the company attract some of the best work talent in Indonesia today. As Gunung Sewu continues to grow and evolve as a business, the company continues to stay true to the core values that the organization was built on —integrity, fairness and humility. The following video highlights the overall spirit of three of it’s subsidiaries: Sequis (Insurance), GGF (Food Industry) and Farpoint (Building Sector), while providing an in-depth look at it’s ongoing commitments and sustainability initiatives through the eyes of the employee. This video was produced by Global Initiatives.

Watch the video above to learn more.


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